Ebay Sale Now On!

As you may have noticed, Imperial Guitars is now focused almost exclusively on instrument repair. As such, we have a load of old stock we’re now selling through our eBay store. Please go have a look: you might find some nice bargains!

Treating Rust with Phosphoric Acid

One of the bigger projects we have in the workshop is a Burns Vista-Sonic from the early 60s. Alongside a number of other issues, it has badly rusted metal parts: particularly bridge saddles and bridge plate. Because these parts are very hard to find we’re forced to make do with the old ones… and they’ll do the job well […]

New repair blog

It’s been a while, but I finally got around to finishing the next chapter of the Epiphone Cortez repair blog. Find it here: Epiphone Cortez Repair Blog #3: Scrapers, glues and bagging. Includes a recipe and a photo of a sponge.

Epiphone Cortez Repair Blog #3: Scrapers, glues and bagging

Hello, and welcome to the third blog in our series showing how we repaired this 1960s Epiphone FT-45 Cortez. In part two, we defretted the guitar and removed the bridge and pickguard. This time, we’ll remove the finish, and discuss hide glue and guitar humidity.   Preparing The Surface We’re going to refinish the the face of the headstock […]

Smashing Starters!

Added a couple of great second-hand guitars ideal for learners or anyone in search of a reasonably-priced quality instrument! First, the Squier Stratocaster SE pictured: a superior Squier strat! We’ve also the ever popular Freshman Renegade: one of the best starter acoustics out there in a comfy folk size! They’ve also both received a professional setup: so […]

Take Your Pick!

Eagle-eyed visitors and fans of browsing will have noticed we’ve added a new shop section for guitar picks. All picks can be bought individually so you have the opportunity to get a real mix of gauges and materials. Some more second-hand bargains to come!