Epiphone Cortez Repair Blog #2: Planning & Pulling Apart

More What Lies Beneath

In the first of these blogs I outlined the problems with the existing bridge. The owner and I have decided the best course is to pull this one off and replace it with a new rosewood bridge we’ll make up. It will have the same footprint as this one, more or less, but we’ll correct the saddle angle. In the future, I’ll make a separate blog (or two) about removing bridges. Suffice to say, the most important tool is patience.

The usual course would be to scrape this down to remove the old glue and prepare the surface for the new bridge. However, since we’re going to refinish the top, we’ll do the clean up during that process. The photo also shows 6 plugs that have been used to fill holes left over from the original plastic bridge. Here’s one:

Yep! The original bridge was bolted through the top! The saddle itself was adjustable with two big bolts: one over each of those big plugs. If I place this original bridge over the one I just took off, you can see clearly the saddle angle problem I mentioned last blog:

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