Epiphone Cortez Repair Blog #2: Planning & Pulling Apart

What Lies Beneath…

Last time, I said we’d remove that pickguard and see what’s under there. Using only a hair drier and a wide spatula the pickguard came off very easily. That isn’t always the case!

And here’s why it came off so easily:

Well, well, well. The pickguard was stuck on with 4 little adhesive tabs. I’ve no problem with that, and it certainly made our life easier! But now we can really see the extent of the previously repaired damage. Cracks can develop here as a result of pickguards shrinking and splitting the wood. Although, this seems like a more brutal assault! Here it is cleaned up a bit:

While it’s not pretty, the top is solid and the old repair seems to be doing the job. We may come back here to tidy this area up and make sure the repair here is being supported properly from underneath.

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